JUNE 1, 2020


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* QUARANZINE stands in solidarity with our comrades around the country protesting police brutality and the systemic racism upon which this country--and all other imperialist nations--was built. We stand with Black, brown and indigenous people in the fight for their humanity, against the institutions that seek to strip them of it.

I, Molly Bolten, the creator of this zine and a white person, recognize my complicity in and my privilege that comes from living in a white supremacist post-colonial society, and I am eternally committed to wielding that privilege and power however I can in the fight against oppression. From each according to their ability, to each according to their need. As such, before enjoying the art in this issue of QUARANZINE, please reflect on what you're able to give right now, and give generously. Think about the skills, resources and privileges you have and how you can mobilize them. Here are a just few actions that many of us can take:

If you want to give financially but don't know where to start, consult this handy Giving Guide from Resource Generation. Below is a list of legal aid and mutual aid funds that are advocating for jailed protestors right now and need our support:

Today is also the first day of Pride Month, and it's important now and always that we honor and support Black trans people, without whom Pride would not exist. This 2018 report from the Human Rights Campaign breaks down our society's culture of anti-transgender violence. Please consider donating to the following organizations that are dedicated to supporting the trans and Black trans communities:

And now, enjoy QUARANZINE!

Table of Con­tents


Visual Eats

Brigitte Malivert - Instagram

Just sharing some baked goods with just a hint of their respective processes from the past few weeks.

push me

postmistress general - Twitter

George Floyd

Olivia Pepper - Instagram


Robert Woods-Ladue - Website

Some songs for Asojano!
Plus ++ bonus caja part video
++Plus+Plus double plus triple bonus quinto video bonus from last week's submission

orosusu wowolemi enodiya
orosusu wowolemi enodiya 
enodiya, enodiya, enodiya
orosusu fudusile enodiya
enodiya,  enodiya
kudu kudu masaye, were tona ma weriye
A: were tona ma weriye, were tona ma weriye
A: were tona ma weri fodun, were tona ma weriye
sa so sa so sa
*eminewa okuo sasa e
eminewa okuo so
sa so sa so sa

asoma do, asomo do yun poro
asoma do, asonyanya asomo do yun poro
yanya, soma do, weri sobo, weri orisha sasa
asoma do, weri sobo, weri orisha sasa
asoma do, asonyanya asomo do yun poro
A: ey alua

titi bolo titi bolo, eweri so,
titi bolo aso ey
A: A sonya ya iwewe
A: A sonya ya iweso

*o e ayano kwero baso jun (x2)
o fodule mayim bechokoto, o fodule mayim sebo a (x2)
o e ayano kwero baso jun 

oyina oyina, oyayawe ewewe riso, oyina oyina,
A: o yayawe ewewe riso
A: o yayawe yayawe sele

ayina ipo pora
A: afimaye wese leja

ºA: un yeun ye mayamba unya
unya layipo*
A: mayamba unya

sara bobo
A: e o
A: aluya
A: afimaye
A: asoyi 
A: osuleke
A: odo un

se se
A: o chakwata
A: olu wade
A: a kwania
A: o sacriña

My Descent Into Versailles

Rachel Alter

There was a point in the desert where my vision went out
and if I took my hands off the wheel I swear
the car would have driven itself
I’m back inside my body now
The pillows are soft and the bed
is too b i g
I’m staring at the ceiling hoping the chandelier won’t
on my head

Do I have to brush my teeth? 


Trap Rabbit - Website

This is a cover of "Wonderwall" by Oasis. Performed by Trap Rabbit, a Philadelphia jazz/prog outfit with no experience covering classic UK alternative.

Blip If In Millions

Wee Skillmustered - Robert | Mark

Wee Skillmustered is Robert Woods-Ladue and Mark Clifford making recordings to be humbly submitted for Quarenzine.

Dim Sum Bears

Nicole Wong

4"x6" Pen & watercolor


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