MARCH 30, 2020


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Quarantine & Chill

Lorena Cortez - Instagram

Cat Lady

Green Lady

Hello Yellow

The Blues


Charles Presents: What I Am Missing

Olivia Pepper

Dream Sequence

Sucker Crush - Instagram

What I'm Looking Forward To

Dan Abromowitz

putting a stranger’s fingers in my mouth

putting my mouth around a stranger’s fingers

sharing a scorpion bowl with the amigos and licking the bowl clean

going to a packed concert and having a nice whiff of the musk layer near the floor

fearlessly scooping some subway juice into my tear duct

marching arm in arm with my fellow anti-paraders as we just plow perpendicular through a parade


taking my turn wielding the communal sword

jockeying with the other parishioners as up in the steeple the priest tomahawk-tosses communion wafers down into our gaping mouths

getting something stuck in my craw without having to disinfect it first

secret sleepovers in the aquarium

spending a lazy afternoon climbing up a big sweaty guy

sneaking an extra free tp sample or two at the grocery store

sucking an ice cold nipple on a hot summer day

meat o’ the sidewalk

all you can eat body sushi brunch at the YMCA

masturbating without gloves on

not having to cross the street every time my quarantine jockey crops me across the haunches

meeting Bon Jovi and getting right up close to him and telling him he’s a lowdown dog

trying to take jell-o shots on an ice luge and watching them just fitfully haltingly flop down the incline while my lips get numb

sharing a sauna with the amigos and licking the ladle clean

laying in wait

leading a classroom full of eager students through a series of chants and creeds while their teacher is distracted by a huge beautiful white bird my confederate is wrestling in the courtyard

playing “I’m Koi” in the koi pond

sewer time

the high clear bell peal announcing it’s sewer time

being the surprise in the library

sharing a new amigo with the amigos and licking said amigo clean

skittering across the hockey rink laughing wild as the hockey men give merry chase

stepping out into the sunlight taller, broader, smiling broad, laughing, running, tripping, skidding, scrambling like a horse, laughing, running, even taller now, running, running, and probably forever too

Four in the Water

Alejandro Van Zandt-Escobar

Wall Street Cleavage

Richard Haig - Bandcamp | Twitter | Facebook

Brain Deep

Molly Bolten - Soundcloud | Bandcamp | Instagram | Twitter

is what it’s called when
there’s something that arises in
the part of the brain that is too specific
for any other person to really hear or see or understand, for instance
the things that baffle me all the time:

the difference between Burt Reynolds and Kurt Russel
pushing an event back versus up
the idea of a piece of lint on the floor in front of the toilet that will never go away unless i pick it up myself but instead i just stare at it every time i’m on the toilet
why are polo shirts?

Too brain deep to tell a friend.

Brain deep is the bubbles emanating
from a little hole in the ocean floor in the Mariana Trench—
I can’t conceive of anything breathing so far below sea level,
but I have seen movies.

Know that brain deep is not a profoundness—
rather it’s the smallest type of thought, the
most sensitive to sunlight, one
you think but never speak because
it cannot be heard, for instance
I always put my pants on left leg first and I know that will never change, anyway
how it possible that any of us talk to one another

The Panther

Jackson Greenberg - Instagram | Spotify | Website


Robert Woods-Ladue - Bandcamp | Instagram

Akara chola kini pa lokwan yo
baba ponada
baba ponada eye 
baba ponada yegwe seyo
agayu yamoro, yamoro 
agayu sere la    wo
akara inchola kini pawo 
olo un yuen moniku moniyo

epo inchola kini pawo
epo inchola kini pawo
akara inchola kini pawo 
olo un yuen amanankio

alubataya mariko alawoye
alubataya mariko alawoye
oba agayu isola nile
ewo kiri a malakuwo
okuwo tani okwan

Chango niyo mobiyowe
Chango niyo mobiyowe
otiko soti mole, mole
sokwosi sola mala okuwo
okuwo tani okwan

A: Agayu elekoto teo
A: oba lubiyo kwa boke
A: Agayu elekoto toleyo
A: ^Agayu elekoto tole^
Elekoto, Elekoto, oba lubiyo kwa boke
--> elekoto ....


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