APRIL 27, 2020


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Quarantined With a Shithead

Joe Kwaczala - Twitter | Instagram

Diddies I-V

Ethan Geller - Twitter

Exactly like Ghosts I-IV by Nine Inch Nails, except that instead of ghosts, it's diddies. One could argue it's even better because there is one more diddie here than nine inch nails had ghosts.

Diddie I
Diddie II
Diddie III
Diddie IV
Diddie V

Cause Of Death

Dan Abromowitz - Instagram

sharp beak of gorgeous crane
overwhelmed by cyber knife
drank from the hose and swallowed the whole thing
brain got thrown too far for body to go put it back in through the miracle of reflexes
picked a fight with Cain from the bible after seeing his shitty mark
donated entire blood supply to the river
cummed backwards and blew a kidney
black dahlia syndrome
premature mummy
face slapped off
shredder (the machine)
shredder (the guy)
inexplicable shredding
got tangled up in harp and then blind virtuoso harpist played the harp, and more beautifully than ever before
elmer fudd
cold steel’s kiss
flat stanley cosplay
got too famous
got too divorced
opened up dusty old tome and head was sucked into land of fantasy and high adventure
beasts of no nation
wrong chunks got spayed
skeleton went into heat
kicked just right
grim reaper
stars aligned
thought too hard about what it would feel like to die
skeleton became exoskeleton
got younger
pharaoh’s curse
laid down on man sized version of 7/11 hotdog roller
shifted into gear that makes car go straight up
born straight into outer space
the plot events of the movie “wanted”
was tricked
regressed too far
got stuck in crock pot and became pulled
“captain’s itch”
“la vida loca”
“teeth aplenty”

Lady In a Cage

Emily Barresi - Instagram

Quarantine piece, March 2020. A short film about boredom, anxiety, and being left alone with your own thoughts.

Quarantine Demos

Adult Learners - Kathleen Instagram Bandcamp | Simon Instagram Website

Boston musicians Kathleen Mahoney and Simon Simard's first experiment in making music togher. Songs about killing time, tv, and boxed wine.

Adult Learners · demos


Molly Bolten - Instagram | Soundcloud


Robert Woods-Ladue - Website

Some songs for Obatala! 💮 ♡ 💮 👵 🐌 👴 💮 ♡ 💮

iru gangala laye laye ochanla efimaya elolo (x2)
obatala oke kini ereo 
laoun keyo okuni naya

eke kwa, babalu olowo e  

babalu olowo e , 
baba mokenye, mokenye obekun
baba mokenye, mokenye ekwamu
baba kiri le akuko
akuko atoni kolekankan
atoni kolekankan ayakuna elejibo
babalu olowo e

eke kwa, babalu olowo e

losi olodumare mokwe o e, losi oludumare (x2)
okuni naya elejibo

eke kwa, babalu olowo e

A: baba hekwa baba hekwa o
e e e hekwa o
A: oduaremu baba, baba hekwa o
A: ayakuna baba, hekwa o
A: obatala hekwa baba, hekwa o
A: yekun yekun!..
ayakunawa diyo, ayakunawa
letun, letun, banbi oloroke
ayakunawa diyo
A: Baba! ayakuna elejibo, ayakunawa
A: letun, letun, banbi oloroke
A: ayakunawa di acho
--> A: letun, letun, banbi oloroke
ayakunawa diyo

yekun yekun ideyo, orisako wole
obatala ideyo, orisako wole   

A:^ewabo kweyeye,ewabo kweyeye,
A:^obatala kweyami
ewabo kweyeye
A:baba obatala kweyami
A:ocha bokwe lomio

orisa pawa o pawa o pawa orisa
A: orisha baba lowide
A: awa orisha baba lowide
A: baba lowide

A:bonko i bonko i waloro
bonko i waloro, obatala bolenche
bonko i waloro
A:baba mi bonko i bonko i waloro
A:bonko i bonko i waloro

abuka lo cheke komuarere kwama baba
A: abuka lo cheke, niche, komuarere kwama o
A: abuka lo cheke, niche, okoto laya o
A: ewimi lao cheke nile koto koto laye laye
A: ewimi lao cheke nile  komuarere kwama baba
A: komuarere kwama o, komuarere kwama 

chakutu ere ulala 
A:ere ulala   
ere ulala


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