MAY 4, 2020



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Test Patterns

Dane Pollok - Website | Instagram

Portraits over Facetime. Come back next week to see more.

Brittany & Joey






Erik & Amy


"ALLUVIUM ACE" Animated Music Video

Perhapsy & Yolanda - Perhapsy | Yolanda

this is a quarantine collab song between perhapsy and yolanda. i (derek, perhapsy) made an accompnaying music video with goofy edits--a who's who in the history of deligthtfully gooey jazz guitar to match the gooey-ness of the track. :)

Mental Confetti #1

Alex Corcoran - Instagram


Kimberly Lambright - Instagram

Not a Party

But I must own my desire.
Otherwise it’s all synthetic.
Otherwise it’s just defense.

In Brooklyn we walk the park pre-dinner
during the spring of Covid-19.
I want you like a jar of something.

The feeling when you’re doing your real work and not just your art work.

As a child I existed in canoes on purple lake water.
At first it was easy to like experience.

Lodged in your lesser thinking,
I want to stay a long, long time.

We quietly eat olives in the darkened corner.
And though I am not your beloved, I want to be shaped by your energy.

Mineral Sail

In the attic the berry is an old
eye and cream is firm wet time.
The overblown
geomagnetic storm cruises
in the eggshell morning.
I’m at the damage.
I’m prepared to take more. Is this
a coping project? You say
something about limestone,
the tonal moves the sun makes.
I show you how to die in a notebook.

What Gets Found

You’re never anywhere. Pattern of dried oat milk
on the coffee table, sundown mood, readings
in the ruins. You of the light
pink button-down shirt. Pale cheekbones lit
with supermarket produce and the firmament.
Low clouds write themselves. The deep green
of Friday in a cage. My work is
about your work which is not work at all.
I sit on the counter and repeat myself,
I’m only a child, taken in your jaws.

Snowfall, Lower East Side

The goats soothe me, they are soft details of rage.
The night sky of berries. My mind coughing.
We walk into Clockwork on Essex, that dark peach.
I’m the party and the quiet room in the party.
A form thrown into betterment, a tree
that curls. I’m arguing with someone dead. I’m making you die
so I can argue with you. I’m finding exact
change, palming wallpaper the color of toast.

Why Can’t It Be You?

Take yourself as your own love object.
Come out in slips.

Discord like a cherry pie
eaten out by a bear.

That mouthwatering situation of suffering.
I could not be stopped.

Feels all wrong
like it always does.

That spring getting wasted,
even the ground felt intelligent.

You tried to get us out of language.
A kind of mistake.

I was thrown into you.

It’s not clean to me, you said,
and I was like, Back to the things themselves.

I wanted to demonstrate what I felt over time.
We didn’t touch, we just didn’t.

You made me talk about my life like it was a joke
and I hated you for that.


Devin Smith - Website | Bandcamp

Immunity Flow

Sarah Woods-LaDue - Website

a brief, 15 minute yoga practice to help quaranzine clubbers boost their immune systems and ease stress.

Koi On Gingham

Nicole Wong


Robert Woods-Ladue - Website

Some songs for Oya! +++ BONUS CONTENT

ayaba, ayaba sekwelele oke
ayaba,  ayaba sekwelele oke sibiku adinyale
loye, loye, loba yamala wola boyabona
yakeke sele su odu
yakeke sele su odu soyo soyanu
ibu akekeke oya imenenu
e oya wimiloro e    
e oya wimiloro e
oyankara owi saleyo
ekiman yoro eke ola
e oya wimiloro e
e oya wimiloro e
oyankara owi saleyo
ekiman yoro eke ola

akete bobo e, akete bobo e
abelario olodumare, akete bobo e

oya, oyambero, oya morele
akama laroye
oyewe onuko onuso
waye waye obinisa
oya milodeo
o sicreta confoya la meta
oduro banlo yeo
ala idawo e

oya, oyambero, oya morele
akama laroye

Benbe Araba Ayiloda, Benbe

A: Araba, Ayiloda
A: Oya yewe ayiloda
A: Oya obini ayina iya ayiloda o
A: Oya yewe ayiloda o
A: Obini Ayiloda
A: Benbe Ayiloda
A: Yansa Wami iya, ayiloda
A: Oluko Wiye Orili Ayiloda
A: Orili, oya Orili, oya o Ayiloda
A: Araba o iya hekwa ayiloda
A: araba iku iya, yewe ayiloda

Windows To Spring Across Media

Mari Amend - Instagram


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